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We at AV Technology believe that every child is special and deserves the best attention, especially when it comes to safety and wellbeing. We, at AV Technology understand school’s commitment and aspiration to provide a safe and happy environment to their children. Our mission of “Child Safety resonates with schools. Our technical teams are constantly thinking of ways to improve your child’s safety in transportation so that schools don’t have to worry about it. AV Technology ‘s technology sensors have been designed to detect impacts, tilts, location, speed and a variety of parameters, to ensure that school bus is driven with utmost care and vigilance. To help you take informed decision in a timely manner, our integrated bus surveillance system not only allows you to archive and store video recordings but also view them by route and time. School’s can view live feeds on demand, thus saving your unwanted communication costs. AV Technology has designed AV Track keeping in mind both aspects – school needs and compliance with the governmental guidelines. This is experienced by many of schools on the AV Technology ’s web dashboard (Your Third Eye) everyday! Right from planning and optimizing the bus routes, to managing the trip changes every day, our transport manager tablet with its specialized application is a must-have, for every school transport administrator

Commercial Contractors:

The business of commercial and logistics transport is complex and full of uncertainties. As a commercial or logistic operator, you have to manage all aspects of your transport services; maintain your costly assets, manage your staff and above all, uphold the trust of your customers/clients, to transport their valuable assets safely and timely every day.

For all commercial contractors “Trust” is the most important factor in having sustainable long term business relations. This is amplified especially if the business involves transport of costly and valuable assets. We partake in the most important aspect of your service, to provide safe and secure trips to your vehicles, by supporting you with the best of technology innovations “AV Track “

Not only does AV Track alert you to react on issues concerning safety, in time, it also provides for measuring quality of safe driving and proactively improving safe driving through our unique real time tracking and alert notifications features. From the smallest issue of managing your vehicles and driver information, to tracking and responding to critical vehicle breakdowns and accidents, AV Track has it all.

AV Track also helps you to identify misuse of vehicles during and after working hours. With optimized route information, undesignated long stop alerts and theft alerts; Bus Contractors can take necessary steps to reduce operation cost.


As a parent, your child’s safety is of utmost importance to you. At AV Technology , we know that providing safety to children in school buses is both an art and a science. We have dedicated ourselves to keeping children safe using the best of technologies and proven processes. But we haven’t stopped there. We continue to innovate to build products that enhance your child’s safety during commute, help the child feel safe, help you feel secure and ultimately enhance the loving bond between you and your child.

With our ‘Know Your School Bus’ number you know the whereabouts of your child’s school bus instantly, giving you peace of mind. Our integrated surveillance system ensures that your child is protected from any kind of ill treatment inside the bus, with the footage stored. It strongly deters bad behavior on buses as all are aware that a surveillance system is active. Above all, trained command centre technical are constantly watching the movement of every AV Technology -managed bus during commute and will respond to any unusual events such as non-designated stops or route deviations within minutes.

Your child is in safe hands with AV Technology !!!


AV Technology India Private Limited has been empowering India through geo-spatial technologies now. It has created and owns the most comprehensive and accurate GIS/GPS real time tracking system for India that can be used for almost all mission mode projects identified by the government.

AV Technology offering GIS/GPS solutions to central government, state governments and local municipal bodies helping them visualize the current status of assets and projects, plan for developments, monitor the execution for higher efficiency and transparency in the system.

Our ability to understand the domain and the quality services that we render has resulted in increased revenue for the authorities.

AV Technology has been offering GIS/GPS tracking solutions and services to respective authorities for:

  • Municipal GIS
  • Rural Infrastructure
  • Education
  • Health
  • Power
  • eGovernance
  • Forest and Irrigation
  • Natural Resources
  • Agriculture
  • Transport
  • Tourism
  • And many more..