AV Technology Story


AV Technology India is one of the India’s leader in premium quality Navigation, Tracking, LBS products, and GPS & GIS based on systems integration and web services. Optimize efficiency and help processes run smoother with AV Track fleet management. It has most comprehensive, accurate, feature-rich and updated data of which forms the bedrock for the various services and products offered. Even after the entry of indigenous and multinational competitors, AV Track remains the preferred source of digital map data for consumers, schools, industry and government, given their superiority in terms of quality, coverage, comprehensiveness and freshness..

Formerly established as an IT services provider, the company ventured into the GPS/GIS arena in 2015 and has been a trailblazer in the market with the introduction of various innovative technologies and products and a disruptive business model. AV Track pioneered the real geo-data services and products in India across the spectrum of consumers, auto companies, corporate and government bodies. AV Track has been advent of mobile communications and internet by introducing consumer focused mobile tracking Apps and location based tracking services. Continuous innovation in web based real time tracking has led to AV Track as tough competitors of top multinationals and today the brand AV Track has become synonymous with navigation products in India.



“To become most trusted name by business in GPS/GIS empowerment, simplify processes to the most feasible level using technology leading to capitalization in improved business performance and business dynamics”

This has been the vision we were founded on. To help consumers, auto companies, corporate and government bodies by simplifying their business processes with measurable technology/strategic implementation leading to satisfied customer and improved business performance on all levels.


Understanding, analyzing, developing and implementing keeping long term value creation for businesses and their customer in mind, providing uncompromising services and satisfaction irrespective of products or service is what drives us.

Our philosophy is to help businesses make decisive improvements in their direction and performance by sharing sparking break through technological empowerment. We see the essence of our work as a virtuous circle of insight, impact, and trust.

We continually strive to generate deep insight into what drives value creation and competitive advantage in our clients businesses and the economy as a whole. We work collaboratively with clients to convert insight into strategy that will have a substantial positive impact on their business performance. Consistently delivering desirables earns the trust that is the foundation of lasting relationships. These relationships serve as a platform for still deeper insight and more significant impact.



The management team is an essential part of every business and growing companies need effective management teams. AV Technology is the mixture of intellectual people from best business schools with decent experience across different domains analyzes and identifies the business goals and objectives and implements and enforces the strategies for clients that is one of the crucial needs to achieve success. AV Technology management team includes the business owners, board of directors and managers who possess intricate knowledge, insight & eye for minute details and approach to fulfilling the client’s need with best technological solution keeping future in mind is what keeps us going.

Technical and Sales Team:

A Technical team is typically responsible for the successful creation and delivery of the company’s product to the market place by managing technical risks and opportunities. AV Technology Technical and Sales Team is one of the best combinations one generally seeks. At AV Technology we thrive for reinforcing improvement on quality of products guaranteeing quality of deliveries; and educating the team on technical best practices. A pool of hard core dynamic, indigenous enthusiasts, passionate about their work and have been crafted well in respective IITs and Business schools, focuses on creating lifelong relationships with customers, offering them high quality merchandise and amazing personal service.