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AV Track (AV Technology India.) is one of the India's leader in premium quality Navigation, Tracking, LBS products, and GPS & GIS based on systems integration and web services. Optimize efficiency and help processes run smoother with AV Track fleet management. It has most comprehensive, accurate, feature-rich and updated data of which forms the bedrock for the various services and products offered. Even after the entry of indigenous and multinational competitors, AV Track remains the preferred source of digital map data for consumers, industry and government, given their superiority in terms of quality, coverage, comprehensiveness and freshness.

We are not GPS/GIS merchant or a communication device provider. We provide specialized Child Safety Solutions to Schools and Parents. We have built a child safety platform which influence modern technologies to provide end-to-end services to schools and parents. AV Track is the only Child Safety platform which caters to Bus Tracking, Child Tracking, Video Surveillance, Driver Analysis and Attendance Management all in one single platform. We provide GPS technology, RFID technology and Video Surveillance technology to provide an end-to-end safety solution for schools.

The most unique offering from AV Track is its Command Center. It is a manned facility which watches for unusual movements, stops or alarms. The objective for providing Command Center is to avoid any mishappenings and act swiftly whenever they occur.

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For Schools


AV Track is an innovative, integrated system which tracks and monitors school children and school buses during their travel to and fro. It is a "tranquility" that supports and fulfills the needs of parents, school authorities, children, governments. Since launch, the product has constantly evolved to consolidate ultra modern and futuristic technologies and infrastructure which are used to provide reliable safety to school students and mental satisfaction to parents and authorities. AV Track provides web operational tools and analytics to the school management and their transport administrators to manage the safety of their entire fleet. The product has an intelligent integrated platform that supports web-based tracking, automatic time detection, real time transmission between devices which enables monitoring of each and every event, which provides all types of alerts and reporting to the school and parents. This is a key characteristic of the AV Track safety assurance.

Features Offering to Schools

  • Dedicated Command Centre
  • Live School Bus Tracking
  • ETA Notifications
  • Fuel Tracking
  • Child Entry and Exit Alerts
  • Transporter Web Application
  • Know Your Bus for Parents
  • Live Streaming and Video Surveillance
  • Driver Analysis
  • Accidents Alerts
  • Over Speeding Alerts
  • Route Violation Alerts
  • Consolidated Dashboard
  • Back Up of One Month
  • Tamper Proof Device
  • All Reports
AV Track Auto recovery AV Track Motion detect AV Track Built in Battery AV Track GPS TRACKER Prime 07 PRIME GT 06

For Commercials


What is GPS based Vehicle Tracking? Vehicle tracking is the use of multiple advanced technologies like Global Positioning System (GPS) and Global System for Mobile Communication (GSM) for accurately identifying, locating, managing assets in real time. Individuals, fleet owners to monitor the location of these vehicles and also keep a check on their efficiencies, can use this location data and movement data.

Who can use GPS Tracking System?
  • Building and Constructions Transportation
  • Chemicals Transportation
  • Energy and Mining Transportation
  • Food and Beverages Transportation
  • Government Sector Transportation
  • Big/Short Haul Logistics
  • Transportation Mobile workforce

How can GPS Vehicle Tracking can improve your business growth?

AV Technology offers an efficient, reliable and effective tracking system for managing your business fleet called "AV Track ". By owing the AV Track devices solutions you can get real time information, alerts, and activities of your vehicles to improve business performance and customer service. AV Technology vehicle tracking constitute of a dedicated command center. Command Centre is a manned facility which watches unusual movements and activities. The objective of a Command centre is to provide valuable protections in the event of vehicle theft and recovery.

Features Offering to Commercials:

  • Dedicated Command Centre
  • Live Vehicle Tracking
  • ETA Notifications
  • Fuel Tracking
  • Transporter Mobile Application
  • Know Your Vehicle
  • Driver Analysis
  • Accidents Alerts
  • Over Speeding Alerts
  • Route Violation Alerts
  • Consolidated Dashboard
  • Back Up of One Month
  • Tamper Proof Device
  • All Reports

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Employee Management System

Employee Management System

An Employee-Tracking App to Manage a Mobile Workforce. Your workforce is the backbone of your company and we bet there are some areas where you would love ideas about how to better leverage every employee. Whether it's an ad hoc question you have or you would like to join our Employer Advisory Council, we're here to help. We are specialists in workforce development and we'll share all we know to help your company thrive.

  • Shows the various POI created by the admin and the users
  • Provision for the admin to create a POI
  • Working Hours Compliance Report
  • Meeting Summary Report
  • POI density report
  • Event log Report
  • A comprehensive solution specially designed for employees working in the field.
  • Complete live GPS tracking,past history of employee movement, including total distance traveled.
  • View all your staff's current location in a single view.
  • Analyze performance of each employee against work allocated to them
  • Various reports to view and download at the employee and group level.

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