Speed Governor Installation Mandatory in All States- Declares Ministry, Supreme Court

In response to this alarming rate of accidents caused by over-speeding vehicles, the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways, Government of India, announced its mandate to enforce installation of speed limiting devices (SLDs) in transport vehicles pan India. SLDs, also known as speed limiters or speed governors, are devices used to control the top speed of vehicles. The device limits the fuel feed, thereby keeping the vehicle’s speed under control. Making speed limiter installation mandatory in transport vehicles such as trucks, school buses, etc. is expected to significantly bring down rates of road traffic accidents.

Following the Ministry’s mandate, a Supreme Court Committee on Road Safety has issued installation guidelines that all States/UTs are expected to follow. The Committee noted that SLDs are not being properly fitted in existing vehicles across India. The installations are either faulty or the SLDs are tampered with. To avoid these kinds of issues, the Committee is urging the States/UTs to allow usage of only government approved speed governors. Also, all SLDs have to be type-approved to suit the vehicle models in which they are to be fitted. Autograde is a best-in-class manufacturer of Speed governors that have approval for more than 1000 vehicles models across India.